Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - Ormythology

Photo from the Seventh Ring Of Saturn website.

The Seventh Ring Of Saturn is based in Northampton, MA but the band has fit in perfectly on a series of various artist compilations released by the UK label Fruits de Mer. In fact, its rendition of  “All The World Is Love” was one of the highlights on the Re-Evolution Hollies tribute album. Like Fruits de Mer, The Seventh Ring Of Saturn loves vintage psychedelic rock, and knows the genre inside and out.

Its second effort Ormythology has four appealing instrumentals—especially the Middle Eastern flavored “Teli Teli Teli”—but the tracks with lead-singer-bassist Ted Selke’s vocals are definitely more engaging. Fans of authentic psychedelia will definitely know they’ve come to the right place as he sings mind-bending lyrics like, “Can’t you see she’s burning a hole in my mind?” and “Nothing is what it seems” over the melodic dreamscape of  “Burning A Hole.” On “Time To Fly,” Selke opts for a more garage rock vocal approach as he and band mates guitarist Jacob Brown, guitarist Joe Giddings, and drummer Jamie Reilly unleash an energetic arrangement.

“Face” offers another adventure fueled by an irresistible melody, imaginative lyrics, and Selke’s layered vocals. The rollicking “Spaceman” is an older track with instrumentation that evokes Humble Pie and ZZ Top. Synth player Jeremy Knauff, who supplies the raw vocals, was lost to an apparent suicide in 2012. The Seventh Ring Of Saturn has dedicated Ormythology to him.

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