Saturday, April 18, 2015

IPO: Ginger Records Showcase

I’m currently caught somewhere between writing about entertainment events and actually going out to see them. So this post, delayed because of my earlier Record Store Day carousing, can hardly be called a preview. But if you’re in the area of Red Line Tap on Chicago’s north side tonight, you might still have a chance of catching this lineup of acts from the Ginger Records label. And even if you don’t make it out to International Pop Overthrow tonight, keep these acts in mind for future reference.

Justin Fielding, the Boston-based filmmaker whos currently working on a documentary called The Power Pop Movie, was at International Pop Overthrow - Chicago for the afternoon showcase today, and had a chat with guitar virtuoso Jeremy. I can’t say how much filming he did today or if he’s still hanging out with IPO Founder/CEO David Bash, but if he is, be sure to give him a hearty Chicago welcome.

By the way, the official IPO site has an exhaustive list of all the artists who are performing at this year’s event. Here’s tonight’s schedule.

8:00 PM Doug Bobenhouse  A founding member of the eccentric and critically acclaimed pop band The Sun Sawed In 1/2, Bobenhouse is currently pursuing a solo career as well as performing with the band Dad’s Magazine, which is also on tonight’s bill. 

8:45 Rob Schultz Band A singer-songwriter who tends towards a liberal point of view but never lets his politically charged lyrics overwhelm the catchy arrangements of his music. On his CD Tragedy And Comedy, his approach ranged from  humorous to hard-hitting. His band is influenced by The Kinks, Elvis Costello, Marshall Crenshaw, and The Who.

9:30 Weekend Vinyl  This power pop group is led by vocalist-guitarist Mike Mclaughlin, who fronted the amazingly catchy IPO veterans Swinger. Weekend Vinyl’s debut release Easy Chair, which is filled with appealing arrangements and ringing guitars, is now available on iTunes.

10:15 Gooey This five-piece band describes its power pop music as “meow meow rock!” Gooey performs a blend of originals like the catchy “Watch Out” along with cover versions, and has released a 16-track CD titled Hold On Tight.

11:00 The Webstirs These guys are masters of the quirky pop song, and are also well-known for harmony vocals. A remastered edition of their earlier CD Smirk (with clever new packaging that mirrors The Beach Boys’ Smile LP) offered power pop gems like “Old Enough” and “It’s Over Now.” 

11:45 Dad’s Magazine This is sort of a local indie all-star group, with members who come from The Sun Sawed In 1/2, The Webstirs, and Swinger. Over the past few years, Dad’s Magazine has become an IPO - Chicago mainstay.

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