Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Night IPO - Chicago Showcase

Okay, so these International Pop Overthrow posts are becoming more like a roll call than actual previews. By the time anyone is able to read this, tonight’s showcase will pretty much be over. But I’m determined to give each of the participating acts a shout out, even if it is belated. IPO CEO/Founder David Bash and his girlfiend/fellow talent scout Rina Bardfiled do an amazing job scouting new music, and IPO has its own extensive list of all the performers who will be part of the 2015 circuit. Check it out and you’re bound to discover some new favorites. Here’s the lineup that's taking place at The Red Line Tap tonight. Acts are from the Chicago area unless otherwise noted.

8:00 PM Joe Caravella (of The Reign) Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Joe Caravella from the New York-based band The Reign will likely be playing some of the melodic and guitar-driven rock songs from its latest release The Long Wait.

8:45 PM The Red Wigglers This six-piece rock combo describes itself as “Indie rock with horns!” and is lead by vocalist Megan Tormey.

9:30 PM The Artist Formally Known As Vince The shelf life may have expired for a name like The Artist Formally Known As Vince, (and it is Formally on the website and Facebook not Formerly) but any band that claims “Glitter, pretty things, and late nights” as its interests is guaranteed to be fun. Plus, they draw upon Cheap Trick and T Rex, and their high-energy live shows are filled with dynamic male-female vocal interplay.

10:15 PM Andy Bopp This veteran singer-guitarist created classic power pop music with the Baltimore-based band Love Nut, and in addition to his current solo career, he also performs as part of the duo The Modern Ruins

11:00 PM Chronic Edge  A hard rock quartet that adroitly mixes synths beats and strings into melodic songs like “Kalifornia” and “Krazzy.” Chronic Edge will likely have copies of it Krazzy EP for sale at Redline Tap.

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