Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CD Review: Givers - In Light

Photo from Givers Facebook page.

When WXRT booked the Givers to play at its Live From The Archives Volume 13 bash at Martyrs’ earlier this month, the Louisiana band was virtually unknown in the Chicago area. That changed after an exuberant set led by singer-guitarist Taylor Guarisco and singer-percussionist Tiffany Lamson had audience members cheering and crowding around the stage. In Light is an adventurous debut CD that offers more of the chaotic fun that made the Givers so enjoyable in a live setting.

“Up Up Up” has the feel of children joyously playing a game, and introduces the dynamic harmonies of Guarisco and Lamson. William Henderson’s imaginative synths and keyboards create a space age ambience even as the rhythm section of drummer Kirby Campbell and bassist Josh Leblanc pays homage to the band’s Cajun roots. “Ripe,” which features some of Lamson’s best vocals, is an explosive song with abrupt tempo shifts, while “Meantime” is irresistibly festive. Most of these 10 tracks veer off in various directions, with Guarisco and Lamson taking turns on lead vocals and frequently joining forces. In Light is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable effort.

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