Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Release For Record Store Day

Hopefully, there’s more to Record Store Day than just an Easter egg style hunt for vinyl junkies seeking rare new releases. I’m guessing the organizers are hoping people will take this opportunity to reflect on the fun and importance of having independent record stores around to support the music scene. So it was encouraging to find a new record store opening in my home town of Palatine.

Technically, Top 5 Records, which bills itself as The Northwest Suburbs' Newest Record Store, isn’t a store yet. It occupies space within the Wolff’s Flea Market that sprang up in a building at 1775 N. Rand Road that became abandoned after a major hardware chain moved to a new location. Owner Alan Brostoff wasn’t around when I dropped by last Saturday, but he’s planning to open a permanent location in the area soon, according to one of the employees who was on duty.

It’s already evident that Top 5 Records will offer an interesting mix of merchandise that includes autographed memorabilia, and the two employees I talked to seemed friendly and knowledgeable about music. They’ll be making room in their space at Wolff Market for all the Record Store Day goodies that will be coming in this Saturday.

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