Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CD Review: Eulogies - Tear The Fences Down

Note: This review originally appeared in the Illinois Entertainer.

Listening to this latest effort from the Eulogies, it becomes clear its title isn’t a political call to action; but an effort to overcome the emotional barricades people build to protect themselves. This theme has surfaced on the Los Angeles-based indie band’s two earlier efforts, but is particularly potent throughout Tear The Fences Down as vocalist-guitarist Peter Walker pays tribute to Pablo Castelaz, a six-year old boy who died from cancer in 2009. Walker sings in hushed tones while he and his fellow musicians create low-key songs with intricate melodies.

The title track is set to an amiable Country & Western arrangement and includes heartfelt lines like, “Just a simple wish to save you and me.” The light and tuneful “You Hide” offers a message of support, while “Better Than Nothing” and “Intimate Debris” are more energetic. Walker poses questions like, “Will I get to say goodbye?” within the lush setting of “Will I,” and the acoustic “Little Else To Say” celebrates how lost loved ones continue to live on in our memories as he sings, “Your words could wrap around my heart and guide me through the day.”

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