Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Wednesday Comes

Hey, I actually have a little time to do a proper preview for International Pop Overthrow - Chicago on Wednesday. This doesn’t mean I like these bands better than the ones in my recent minimalist posts, it’s just that my schedule has been really hectic lately.

In addition to his solo career, singer-guitarist Graham Czach performs as a member of Chicago Afrobeat Project and has worked on recordings with Paul Wertico and Lupe Fiasco. His solo debut, Lucid, came out in 2010. His new single, “To Be Free,” is available for free download on his website.  

The Injured Parties is an indie rock/power pop trio led by Larry O. Dean, a veteran of the clever outfit, Post Office. Dean continues to view the world through satiric eyes on songs like “American Comfort.”  

The Pralines  are fronted by vocalist-guitarist Pamela Richardson. The quintet gives her melodic tunes a bit of Country & Western twang. The Pralines’ latest CD, Song Of The Day, was released on local indie label, Spade Kittie Records.

The Red Plastic Buddha’s love for 1960s style psychedelic rock is evident on their cover of The Electric Prunes’ hit, “Too Much To Dream (Last Night)” and there are several original mind-altering gems, like “King Of The Underground,” on their latest CD, All Out Revolution. The dreamy “Daisy Love” will make you want to paint flowers on the person next to you.

The garage pop quintet Little Boy Jr. draws upon artists ranging from Del Shannon to Elvis Costello, with a lot of British Invasion music in between. They have two catchy songs available for free download on their bandcamp page.

You have to like a band that lists its current location as, The bushes outside your window” on its Facebook page. If that doesn’t make The Joy Riders sound like wiseguys, then check out their influences, which includes New Kids On The Block and The Osmonds. They play a mix of cover tunes and guitar-based originals like “Your Saints Are Watching You.”

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