Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Second Week Of International Pop Overthrow - Chicago

Photo from Trolley's Facebook page.

I had a busy weekend so I’m a bit behind in posting a combined review of the International Pop Overthrows Friday night and early Saturday showcases, and Record Store Day festivities. Hopefully, it will appear on Tuesday evening. In the meantime, here’s a preview of Monday night’s IPO Showcase at Red Line Tap. The only act I’m familiar with is Trolley. All acts are from Chicago unless otherwise noted.

The IPO website has links to all of Monday night’s bands.

The Redfords are a four-piece group that has moved from power pop to more of an indie pop sound in recent years. They previously put out a full-length CD as well as an EP, and their latest release, My Little Hero, is available for a free download on their website
Red Giant is a self-described prog pop trio from Milwaukee. They’re also slated to perform at IPO - Milwaukee later this year.
Trolley also hails from Milwaukee, and have played IPO gigs in Chicago and their hometown. “I Woke Up,” from their latest power pop CD, Things That Shine And  Glow, was chosen by Little Steven as the Coolest Song Of The Week on his syndicated Underground Garage radio show. Things That Shine And  Glow was included on my Top Ten list of 2011 CDs.
Telstar is a guitar-driven duo that plays harder-edged pop with harmonies. The two songs on its website, “Waiting” and “Tonight,” sound like they could be hit singles.

The coed  band The Powwows mix rock and folk on melodic songs like “Tide” and “Everything’s Alright.”

The Burrows are a brand new quintet that states on its Facebook page that it’s influenced by all styles of music, including rock, R&B, blues, jazz, soul, and country. Their Lose Your Mind EP is due out soon.

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