Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CD Review: Tina Sparkle - Welcome To The No Fun House

Note: This review originally appeared in the Illinois Entertainer.

Welcome To The No Fun House, the second effort from the ironically named Peoria-based trio Tina Sparkle, is a tonic for anyone who frets about indie rock sounding too precious these days. Lead singer-guitarist Marsha Satterfield channels her emotions through raw vocals and energetic guitar playing. A lyrics disclaimer on the CD explains, “These songs were written in a certain time and place. That was then and this is now. . .”

Satterfield rages against her grandmother’s terminal illness on “This House Is In Flames, So Let’s Keep Warm” and “Protecting What Matters,” while the somber ballad “Another Rainy Morning In Moscow, ID” depicts an alcoholic’s cry for help. By contrast, “W.I.M.P.” is an erotic fantasy, and the equally hard-hitting “Gash n’ Go” seems to be about seducing a rock star. Throughout Welcome To The No Fun House, drummer (and Marsha’s brother) Atomic Satterfield and bassist Chris Anderson provide solid instrumental support as well as some enthusiastic back-up vocals.

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