Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Digital Release Review: Jasko - Thirty Forty

Singer-guitarist Todd Jasko is behind the steering wheel of the New York-based quartet that bears his last name; driving toward good time vintage rock and catchy power pop. With a rough-hewn vocal style, he comes across as an unabashed party boy on Thirty Forty, a six-song EP available for a name-your-price download on the group’s Bandcamp page. Even at just 14 minutes long, it’s still a blast of guitar-driven fun.

Jasko’s knack for depicting questionable behavior is particularly evident on “Blackout Drunk,” an energetic song with echoes of Buddy Holly. “The Memo” finds him on the street ogling beautiful women and boasting, “I’m praying for skirts and a breeze.” He’s more understanding on “A New Start,” where he’s trying to help a woman overcome an abusive relationship, and “Valentine” is positively romantic, albeit with lines like, “I’m glad you’re here to keep my ass in check.” 

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