Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Review: Boo Trundle - The Vast Underneath

Here's a CD review I did for the Illinois Entertainer in 1993 that seems suitable to the season.

Listening to The Vast Underneath, it’s easy to imagine Boo Trundle as an outcast in a rural town. A mysterious woman harboring a dark secret that’s nearly driven her over the edge. The singer-guitarist, along with her band, has conjured an album with hypnotic arrangements and tales of broken relationships and betrayal.

The layered vocals and exotic percussion of “Siva” evoke vintage Pink Floyd while on “Sunshine Swimming Horse Death,” a woman afflicted with nightmarish memories of incest asks, “Did you ever wake up in a viper’s pit?” Trundle plays with crack-the-whip punk energy on the angry “Pompei,” and cranks out bizarre images on the frenetic “Playing Ghost With Mr. Q” and “Take Lightly.” Throughout The Vast Underneath, there’s an underlying sense of something being wrong, but we’re hesitant to ask what it is.

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