Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Walk Like A Bangles Historian

The Bangles have announced the set list for Ladies And Gentlemen . . . The Bangles, which will become available on Thanksgiving Day. Those of us who have followed The Bangles from their earliest days (I first saw them on the syndicated video show MV3 somewhere between 1982–1984) might already have some of these rare tracks, but for fans who came along later, this digital-only collection provides an essential puzzle piece in the development of the band. Plus there are four previously unreleased demos and two live performances.

The surf rock instrumental “Bitchen Summer” originally appeared on the West Coast compilation Rodney On The ROQ: Vol. 3, alongside the hardcore punk of Red Scare’s “Street Life” and CH3’s “Separate Peace.” The Bangles rose up through the Los Angeles cutting-edge music scene and anyone who has seen the band recently can attest that those wild instincts still resonate within remaining members Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, and Vicki Peterson. “Getting Out Of Hand” and “Call On Me” are the A Side and B Side respectively of the first single put out by the band (then known as The Bangs) and “No Mag Commercial” was a radio ad The Bangles recorded for a local rock publication.

Ladies And Gentlemen includes all five catchy songs from The Bangles’ self-titled 1982 EP, as well as “The Rock And Roll Alternative Program Theme Song,” recorded that same year. The previously unreleased material is particularly promising, with covers of the Warren Zevon-penned “Outside Chance” (which had been recorded earlier by The Turtles), and Paul Revere And The Raiders’ “Steppin Out.” The Bangles’ long-standing fascination with 1960s rock will also be evident on a live performance of “7 And 7 Is” by Love. 

To learn more about the dawn of The Bangles, check out a Q and A video the band will present on its Face book page on November 19th.

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