Friday, January 25, 2013


Ken Stringfellow just kicked off a manic tour that will bring him to Schubas in Chicago on February 9th. I had the honor of doing a phone interview with him last week for an upcoming piece in the Illinois Entertainer. Our conversation touched on the tour, as well as his eclectic and well-crafted new solo effort, Danzig In The Moonlight.

Alternative rock band Whitewolfsonicprincess has a 10 o’clock show tomorrow night at Gallery Cabaret on Chicago’s north side. Christina Trulio and Gunnelpumpers are also scheduled to perform.

Co-ed power pop band, The Right Tidys, are part of a triple bill with Velvet Cadillacs and Red Wigglers scheduled for Phyllis’ Musical Inn next Saturday, February 2nd. The Right Tidys have been working on a CD that will hopefully come up later this year.

There will be a mind-bending experience at Martyrs on February 9th, when four acts -- The Luck Of Eden Hall, The Red Plastic Buddha, Energy Crown, and Umbra and the Volcan Siege -- take part in a Psychedelic Saturday. I have praised CDs by The Luck Of Eden Hall and Red Plastic Buddha previously on BHT. I’m not familiar with the other two bands, but their names certainly sound intriguing. The event will also include visuals by brownshoeonly.

This Is This will be performing at Mac’s On Slade, a new venue in my bustling hometown of Palatine, tomorrow night. In my review of the trio’s latest CD, The Hours, The Minutes And The Days, I noted they “keep things interesting by infusing their mainstream rock songs with elements of other genres. Songwriters Petitt and Torres once again put an emphasis on fetching melodies, and take turns on lead vocals.” In addition to enjoying the music, visitors to Mac’s On Slade might get a glimpse of a few future famous authors.

Sopro, a company based on Chicago’s southwest side, has been booking rock, blues, and jazz concerts since the late 1970s. It has also released CDs on is own label, and is now expanding into publishing. Founding member Bud Monaco’s Drafted: You’re In The Army Now gives a firsthand look at his Army days from 1969 -1971, when he was stationed in Panama. The press release describes the effort as scary, informative, and occasionally hilarious. Somehow, it’s hard for those of us who’ve known Monaco all these years to picture the perennially long-haired rock and roller with a military buzz cut.

Chicago-based musician Ellis Clark is raising funds for an upcoming limited edition vinyl LP. Clark currently plays guitar and keyboards with The Handcuffs, and his extensive band resume includes time with Social Act and Epicycle. Judging from Clark's Facebook post, his new solo effort leans toward the power pop he pursued with Epicycle, augmented with harmony vocals, strings, and trumpets. The solo record will have a pressing of just 250 copies, and is available for pre-order via Clark's Indiegogo site.   

The Punk News website has a story on an upcoming Go-Go’s tribute album titled Our Lips Are Sealed, featuring covers by 14 punk rock bands. The compilation, from Solidarity Recordings, is set to be released on vinyl and CD sometime this Spring.

Chicago band Terrible Spaceship has hit upon an innovative and fun idea for its debut release. Invaders 1938 matches the vintage radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds with original electronic and hip hop backdrops that range from catchy to experimental. “Lost” simultaneously evokes The B-52’s and Santana, while “Wiped Out” mixes in a bit of classical music. Somewhere, Orson Welles is break dancing on his head. Terrible Spaceship has a gig at Martyrs on February 16th.

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