Friday, May 25, 2012


The Jokes4Miles campaign has a fun evening of comedy and music called Milesfest planned for tonight at the Diversey Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Chicago’s north side. There’s no cover charge, and guests can enjoy one free game of bowling. Food and drinks can be purchased at the venue’s restaurant. Doors open at 6:30, and there will be performances by comedians and musicians, starting at 8:00. 

If you’ve seen my pieces about Jokes4Miles here in the past but still aren’t sure exactly what it is, Milesfest would be a great opportunity to learn more about this worthwhile cause. Basically, it’s a way for people to use their creativity to help a young man endure painful therapy for brain cancer. Stand up comedian/writer Len Austrevich is determined to collect 5,000 videotaped jokes, songs, or messages for his son, Miles.  I’m still determined to get musicians to participate.

Look for Magatha Trysty to unveil some new material when the band performs tomorrow night at the Abbey Pub. The Viaducts and The Right Tidys, both veterans of International Pop Overthrow - Chicago, are also part of this fun triple bill. Magatha Trysty will be taping a video for one of the songs from its soon-to-be-released CD.

Speaking of International Pop Overthrow, David Bash’s traveling musical showcase pays a three-day visit to London starting with a performance by singer-guitarist Jeremy tonight at 6:30 PM. Twenty one acts are scheduled to perform at the Bull & Gate, including The J-Pegs, The Standards, and The Roves. These are three bands I picked at random from the IPO - London schedule, followed the links to their websites, and checked out their songs. All three sounded interesting, and it’s likely there’s more like them on the bill. Canadian rocker Dave Rave, who must own a TARDIS because he performs at every city on the IPO itinerary, winds things up at 11:00 PM Sunday.

Tomorrow The Moon, featuring Steve Gerlach of The Bad Examples, is also part of a three band lineup, on next Friday, June 1st, at Darkroom. Doors open at 9:00 PM The Darkroom is located at 2210 W. Chicago.

Speaking of The Bad Examples, happy birthday to the band’s lead vocalist and chief songwriter, Ralph Covert.

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