Thursday, May 10, 2012

CD Review: Supergrass - Life On Other Planets

Note: This review originally ran in the Illinois Entertainer in 2003.

Life On Other Planets, the latest effort from Supergrass, is a well-crafted collection of irresistible pop songs that takes a variety of approaches. The energetic “Grace” mixes the impressive guitar and piano playing of Gaz and Robert Coombes respectively, while Gaz spins lyrics like, “Well, you ate our chips and drank our Coke/Then you showed me Mars through your telescope.” His strong but playful vocals are a consistent highlight, especially when he joins forces with bassist Mick Quinn and drummer Danny Goffey for some of the most glorious harmonies Supergrass has ever created.

“Seen The Light” is a glam rocker ala T.Rex while the inventive “Evening Of The Day” has an extended coda spiced with percussion and whistling. Eerie vocals add to the mysterious feel of the more hard rock oriented “Funniest Thing” and the high-speed “Rush Hour Soul” includes a psychedelic interlude. Once again, Supergrass has hit on just the right balance of fun and musical chops.

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