Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CD Review:The King Of Rocksprings - The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem

Note: This review originally appeared in the Illinois Entertainer.

The King Of Rocksprings is actually vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Sosebee, a veteran of indie rock bands like Japancakes and Little Red Rocket. He recorded the five-song EP The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem with help from a variety of back-up singers and musicians. Subtitled “A Comedy In 5 Parts,” it’s not laugh out loud funny, but it’s also completely free of the weird little voices and awkward phrasing that too often passes for musical comedy these days. Sosebee mines a more subtle sense of humor with his clever portraits of the joys and frustrations of gay relationships in the big city.

On the ballad, “Kicking Dogs/Throwing Phones,” Sosebee learns his high-maintenance ex is back in town, and reflects that he doesn’t miss, “The way you disrespect me and just expect me to be okay.” Still, the trauma of seeing the guy hanging out in a club makes him physically ill. On the fast-paced “The Perfect Guy,” Sosebee envisions a utopian romance but laments, “It doesn’t bring me any joy to know you’re just a fictional boy.” The funniest, and best track on The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem is the catchy rock song “How To Be A Stalker,” in which Sosebee shadows the object of his obsession every day, all the while knowing he’ll never work up the nerve to approach him.

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