Monday, November 18, 2019

It Ain’t Heavy, And It Will Fit In Your Library

According to a post on the official website for The Hollies, drummer Bobby Elliott has penned an autobiography titled It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Story – My Life And The Hollies’ that will be released by Omnibus Press on April 2, 2020. Elliott wasn’t with the band from the very start, but his arrival came close enough that we can call him a founding member. He still tours extensively and records the occasional album with the group, along with fellow original member, guitarist Tony Hicks.

Like The Hollies themselves, Elliott tends to not get the credit he deserves from the general public. But his innovative style (which incorporates elements of jazz) has drawn praise from fellow musicians and he’s usually included when music magazines compile a list of the best rock and roll drummers. Back in 2010, The Hollies received a long overdue induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

It Ain’t Heavy won’t be the first time Elliott has reflected on his life with The Hollies. Back in 2010, he put together an amazing tour book titled The Hollies Through The Ages that featured loads of photos of the band in its early days. A limited number of copies were available on the official website. It’s not likely Elliott will come to the States on a book tour—none of the current Hollies have been here since 2002—but hopefully there will be autographed copies available through their website.

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