Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Making John Wicks' Final Album A Reality

Singer-guitarist John Wicks, a founding member of The Records, as well as a successful solo artist, passed away from cancer last October. He was recording a new album at the time, and now thanks to an IndieGoGo campaign, there’s a good chance it be completed and released. A recent email sent out by Bruce Brodeen from the Pop Geek Heaven website invites Wicks’ fans to become “Executive Producers” by making a donation.

As explained on the funding page, Jamie Hoover from The Spongetones, along with other musicians familiar with Wicks, will supply the missing instrumentation and vocals. The campaign aims to raise $5,800 to cover recording, mastering, packaging, and manufacturing. If all goes as planned, Wicks’ final album, with help from his friends and fans, will arrive in October of this year. There are rewards for helping out, depending how much money a donor pledges. Options from $15 to $500.

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