Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pam Appreciation Day - Some Dreams Come True

The Hollies, as depicted by my wife Pam.

First a quick note to Smashing Pumpkins fans. Founding member Billy Corgan will be dropping by the WXRT studio tonight as part of the station’s New Noise at Nine feature. He’ll be playing the band’s new Oceania CD from start to finish, and offering commentary. Other members of the band are expected to participate  as well. Fans outside the Chicago area can stream WXRT from its website. 

Watching the Beatles tribute band, American English play an outdoor concert in Palatine last Friday brought back fond memories from over 16 years ago when my wife Pam first bought her house in this suburb. On a similar Friday night in June, she invited me over for dinner. This was before we were married, and I still had a studio apartment in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. As part of our plans that evening, Pam fixed dinner, and afterward, we walked over to the Fred P. Hall Amphitheater and watched American English. Yes, they’ve been around that long, although a few of the members have changed. After the concert, we went to a nearby ice cream place. It was a fun time that served as a preview of our life together.

I mention that story today because on every June 21st, I celebrate Pam Appreciation Day in honor of my wife. She was instrumental in helping me set up this blog, and has been extremely supportive of my countless non-paying creative endeavors, interests, and obsessions.

When we first started dating back in 1989, it didn’t take long for her to discover that I’m an avid Hollies fan. Pam’s an extremely talented artist, and decided to paint of portrait of the band for me. She did a great job, and the painting continues to hold a place of honor in my media room.

When The Hollies came to America for a brief series of concerts in 2002, Pam drove me to Stillwater, Minnesota so I could see them. So, for all the wonderful things my wife does for me, I once again celebrate Pam Appreciation Day. Feel free to use this occasion to express gratitude for your own significant other.

Here’s a  video of The Bangles performing “Some Dreams Come True,” one of my favorite songs by them. We used it at the end of the video we had made of our wedding day. It’s about finding love and enjoying life together, and it’s also well suited to Pam Appreciation Day.

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