Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 Songs For Halloween - October 6th: “Purple Girlfriend”

Each day this month, I’ll be spotlighting a song that seems particularly appropriate for the season.

It was an inspired choice when The Goldstars were tapped to open for The Hoodoo Gurus at The Abbey Pub a while back. Comprised of Dag from The Slugs; GT and Skipper from The New Duncan Imperials; and Sal from The Krinkles, The Goldstars share the Aussie band’s obsession with creating 1960s style garage rock with an offbeat sense of humor. “Purple Girlfriend,” the title track of The Goldstars second CD, is an energetic instrumental that would have worked great as a TV show theme song in the Batman and The Munsters era. The space-age keyboards and fuzzy guitars bring to mind a party with go-go girls, as well as an invasion of extraterrestrials. Since there are no lyrics, you’re free to let your imagination run wild. And dance.

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