Monday, January 25, 2016

Slow Buildings - Weapons Against Me

On its latest release Weapons Against Me, New Jersey-based quartet Slow Buildings continues to explore the darker sentiments that ran through its impressive 2014 EP Poison Condition. Singer-guitarist Jason Legacy once again sets biting lyrics to catchy melodies, and combines with guitarist-vocalist Chris Fuchs on inventive internal harmonies. Initially, the band's approach seems pretty basic, but there are a number of twists and turns within the arrangements.

"I'm a million miles from a victory," Legacy sings on "Invisible Kid," a song about feeling alienated in your own town, and on "Dirt On A Dog," there's a bratty element to his vocal delivery. The acoustic-based "I Just Can't Trust You" captures the heartache of ending a relationship due to a manipulative partner, while the energetic "Weapons Against Me (Remix)" concerns a guy who yearns for a woman who's already taken. "Teasing Rae," a melodic tale of a femme fatale, finds Slow Buildings adding new wave style keyboards to the garage rock mix. Like the other tracks on Weapons Against Me, it turns feelings of betrayal into engaging music.

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