Monday, January 27, 2014

You Don’t Need To Designate Or To Emigrate Before You Can See This

Last Sunday morning, while cooking eggs and occasionally peeking out the kitchen window to watch birds eating from their newly stocked feeders, I listened to Terri Hemmert’s Breakfast With The Beatles show on WXRT. She mentioned a tribute to George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass album coming up this Thursday. Professor Moptop, who contributes an informative study of a different Beatles song to her show each week, is going to be there, offering what he calls ‘tea and sympathy.’ At a time when there are so many events going on to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles first coming to America (not that I’m complaining), it’s nice to see George get an appreciative nod for his solo work.

John’s People, a self-described “high concept garage band,” will recreate the entire three-record set on Thursday at the Wire rock club in Berwyn. A collection of 12 musicians, led by guitarist-vocalist John San Juan, will be on hand to make sure All Things Must Pass passes muster. They come from the bands Plush, Chamber Strings, Hushdrops, Expo ‘76, and Veruca Salt, so this definitely looks promising. Tickets are $10, and the tribute music starts at 8:00PM. John’s People, which apparently has a rotating membership, has previously tackled Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night.

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