Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CD Review: Magatha Trysty - Self-Titled

Recorded only a few months ago and released in time for some recent International Pop Overthrow gigs, Magatha Trysty’s three-song self-titled CD does an admirable job of introducing this Chicago quartet. The husband and wife team of vocalist-keyboards player Catherine Bevard and vocalist-guitarist Christopher Bevard anchor a sound that falls somewhere between melodic power pop and cutting edge indie rock. Drummer Holly Anne Rose and bassist Matt Sobczyk provide energetic support.

On “Be Safe,” Magatha Trysty comes across like a coed R.E.M., as the Bevards weave their vocals within a melodic guitars and keyboards arrangement. The approach is also reminiscent of L.A. punk pioneers X, or the lesser known coed band Trona, who released the impressive Red River on Roadrunner Records in 1998. “Our Blue Harlem” features the band in a more introspective mode while “Printer’s Row” has a raw, almost punk feel that’s fueled by some searing guitar. The Bevards’ tandem vocals are particularly impressive, giving the song added texture.

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