Saturday, April 24, 2010

International Pop Overthrow Roundup

The Shake-Ups are part of today’s IPO lineup at The Abbey. Photo from the band’s website.

International Pop Overthrow had plenty to offer on the second day of its latest visit to Chicago. Tireless IPO founder David Bash was on hand to introduce each act at The Abbey, and the eight-band lineup was rock solid from start to finish. One of things that’s particularly enjoyable about IPO is its communal ambience, as musicians from the various bands hang out together and offer mutual support, while fans who might have come to see one particular act, discover several others. I’m hoping to offer a more detailed account here of some of this weekend’s IPO showcases within the next few days.

IPO continues with two showcases today; one in the afternoon at The Abbey, and one later tonight at The Spot. I would recommend attending both. See the IPO website for the full schedules.

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