Monday, April 26, 2010

Everybody’s Rocking On A Weekday

Photo from Go Time's Facebook page.

International Pop Overthrow founder David Bash proved last Thursday he’s not afraid to present a rock ‘n’ roll show on a week night, and that fearless determination continues tonight as IPO checks into the Red Line Tap at 7006 North Glenwood Avenue for a seven-act lineup starting at 8:00PM.

Singer-guitarist Frank Tribes, a former member of the impressive Garden Bower, will kick things off with shimmering rock tunes from his latest CD, Gallery. The Sometimes Family, a coed group that adds touches of jazz and blues to its introspective indie rock, has a self-titled CD that it will most likely be selling at its 8:30PM gig. Next up, vocalist-guitarist Lauretta Tagli will lead The PowWows through energetic, guitar-based songs like “Gimme” and “All I See,” backed by guitarist Anthony Caldarisi and drummer Kyle Olsen.

As its name suggests, the quintet Ditchweed Diesel aims for authentic Americana music, with spirited songs like “Nowheresville.” Go Time’s energetic tunes like “Broken Retrofit” and “You Know” have the feel of classic power pop, with ringing guitars, strong melodies, and harmony vocals. Former Parisian Julie Meckler now sings and plays guitar in the Windy City. Her music ranges from the delicate, cosmopolitan feel of “Mexico” and “No Wendy’s” to the grittier “Deportation Blues.”

Headliner Suddyn, scheduled to take the stage at 11:00PM, is the only non-Chicago only act on tonight’s bill, with members from New York and Ireland. The trio’s Dark Lights EP features evocative singer-piano player Alan on hard-hitting and atmospheric songs like “Generation.”

International Pop Overthrow moves to Bird’s Nest at 2500 N. Southport tomorrow night for another seven-act lineup.

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