Monday, December 22, 2014

The Little Secrets - “All I Need”

“All I Need” sounds like it could have sprung from the same fertile era that gave us “Pretty Baby” by Blondie and “Lust To Love” by The Go-Go’s. Filled with hand claps, “la la la” vocals, and a catchy guitars/keyboards arrangement, it has that enchanting feel of a 1960s girl group single spiked with a modern edge. But “All I Need” is actually the debut effort (available January 26th on iTunes and Amazon) from The Little SecretsThe Liverpool-based duo came together in 2010 when multi-instrumentalist-vocalist Kev Dixon spotted vocalist-guitarist Stacy Jo performing with a band at The Cavern Club. Both musicians cite Blondie and The Beach Boys as being among their major influences.

Stacy Jo sings lead throughout this mid-tempo gem, with Dixon coming in on the harmonies. The lyrics offer an ambivalent view of romance; undermining the song title with observations like, “So what’s the rush?/I never wanted much.” A second track on the band’s ReverbNation page, “Go,” takes a more dramatic approach, with keyboards and Stacy Jo’s vocals layered over a Motown beat. Both songs bode well for a full-length effort, but there’s no mention of that on the official press release. Dixon is quoted as saying, “We asked ourselves what kind of songs would we like to hear and set about writing them,” which hopefully means more music will soon be on the way from The Little Secrets.

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