Thursday, December 11, 2014

All I Want For Christmas

Australian multi-instrumentalist Joe Algeri is a member of the international power pop trio The Britannicas, and frequently performs as a solo artist under the name The JAC. Whether he’s working with the band or on his own, Algeri specializes in imaginative and clever lyrics set to catchy arrangements. Each year, right around this time, he applies that offbeat approach to an original holiday song.

For 2014, he gives us “Sweet Tooth Ache,” a sort of muscular take on The Byrds, built with sitar, fuzzy guitar, a strong melody, and harmony vocals. Somehow it mixes Christmas, a dentist, and a summer romance that fizzled in December. Algeri gets help from his American mate in The Britannicas, bassist-vocalist Herb Eimerman, along with assorted musicians from Sweden, Finland, and Australia. There are even extensive liner notes by a fictional rock journalist about recording this effort in India.

As he has done in the past, Algeri is offering this year’s holiday treat for free on his Bandcamp page.

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