Monday, June 30, 2014

Sam Page - The Slog In Uncertainty

The Slog In Uncertainty finds Sam Page firing on all cylinders while performing eight energetic songs that reflect his passion for 1990s alt rock. On his third release, the California-based singer-guitarist, along with drummer Jim Moreland, mixes clever and offbeat lyrics with irresistible melodies. Page is a versatile vocalist, sounding at home regardless of what style his chooses to explore.

On “Dont You Want To Get Down?” Page crafts a funk/garage rock gem in which he claims it’s his intellectual prowess that sets him apart from other guys looking to score. “Naked” describes a frantic campaign to win a woman’s heart that includes showing up in the all-together on her doorstep at 3:00AM. The bottom-heavy funk of “I Don’t Not Love You” evokes The Red Hot Chili Peppers, while the simultaneously funny and optimistic lyrics of “Shine Your Little Light” are set to a more standard rock arrangement.

Page’s wry sense of humor is particularly evident on the high-speed “Two Kinds,” on which he notes in a vocal style reminiscent of The Cure’s Robert Smith: “I got a lot of friends and when they look at me/I really couldn’t tell you what they see/Which box, what type, this kind, that hole/It’s probably better that I dont know.” The Slog In Uncertainty is likewise hard to pigeonhole, but certainly fun to dive into.

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