Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite CDs Of 2011

Trying to determine the Best CDs of 2011 reminds me of a scene from the annual Christmas special, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Santa ponders his list of boys and girls, and finally decides they’ve all been pretty good.

I’ve come across a number of worthy releases during the past year, but protocol dictates that I pick a Top 10. So, here in no particular order, are my 10 favorites: Note: Technically, some of these were released in late 2010.

The Disciplines - Virgins Of Menace

Bad Examples - Smash Record

Starry Saints - Serenade

Mimi Betinis - All That Glitters

Beady Eye - Different Gear - Still Speeding

Phil Angotti - People And Places

Smithereens - 2011

The Handcuffs - Waiting For The Robot

Bangles - Sweetheart Of The Sun

Trolley - Things That Shine And Glow

And here are some other CDs that hit the mark in 2011.

Lannie Flowers - Circles

Smoking Popes - This Is Only A Test

Fountains Of Wayne - Sky Full Of Holes

The Laureates - Spells

Tina Sparkle - Welcome To The No Fun Home

Rachel Goodrich - Self-Titled

The Demilos - The Demilos

Ultraviolet Eye - Wake Up And Dream

Go Time! - Hit It!

The Webstirs - Smirk Reissue

Cast - All Change Deluxe

The Coathangers - Larceny & Old Lace

Gary Ritchie - Hum, Sing ... Repeat!

Three Hour Tour - Looking For Tomorrow

The Wrong Words - Self-titled

The Head - Hang On

The Crawpuppies World’s Much Bigger

Various Artists - Rave On Buddy Holly

Mordecai Smyth

The Wandas - Self -titled

Matthew Sweet - Modern Art

The Kooks - Junk Of The Heart

Ivy - All Hours

Givers - Light

Peggy Sue - Acrobats

The Mobbs - It’s The Mobbs

The Perms - Sofia Nights

Tammar - Visits

Gringo Star - Count Your Lucky Stars

Luck Of Eden Hall - Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1

Team Band - Vodka Thieves

Save The Clocktower - Drip

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