Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CD Review: The Luck Of Eden Hall - Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2

The Luck Of Eden Hall didn’t keep its followers waiting long for the second half of its ambitious Butterfly Revolutions project. ‘Followers’ is the operative word here as the veteran Chicago band travels through imaginative landscapes and dabbles in transcendental philosophy. It’s an album where lead vocalist-guitarist Gregory Curvey asks, “How does it feel to be a drop in the ocean?” and answers his own question with, “You already know.”

The 12 tracks are set to a variety of psychedelic and prog rock arrangements. The acoustic “North Hampton Woods,” with its exquisite melody and evocative vocals, just might be the most enchanting moment on Vol. 2, although The Luck Of Eden Hall also succeeds with the hard-hitting “Realization Loop” and “Complicated Mind.” Titles like “Whither Fare Thou Be” and “Henrietta Lacks A Smile” promise a trip back to the baroque pop of the early Bee Gees, and the songs certainly deliver. The epic “A Drop In The Ocean” serves as an appropriate coda to the Butterfly Revolutions saga.

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