Thursday, September 1, 2011

CD Review: Fountains Of Wayne - Sky Full Of Holes

Note: This review originally appeared in the Illinois Entertainer.

By now, there’s not much doubt that a new Fountains Of Wayne CD will bring a fresh batch of guitar-driven, instantly memorable power pop tunes. It’s more of a matter of what tales vocalist-guitarist Chris Collingwood and bassist-vocalist Adam Schlesinger will spin, and who’ll fall victim to their satiric barbs. Sky Full Of Holes packs the duo’s usual biting humor although there are times when the formula seems a little strained.

On the mid-tempo “Richie And Ruben,” the misadventures of two inept entrepreneurs provides opportunities to poke fun at trendy night clubs and fashion stores, while the many off-kilter characters depicted in “The Summer Place” includes a woman with a life-long inclination to shoplift. “Workingman’s Hands,” a well-intentioned blue collar tribute, has the overly sweet scent of a Hallmark card, and it’s hard to care about the slug being helped in the slow-moving “Hate To See You Like This.” Fortunately, most of Sky Full Of Holes is devoted to energetic and clever fare like “A Dip In The Ocean” and “Radio Bar.”

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