Monday, September 12, 2011

The Definite Article

In the September issue of the Illinois Entertainer, freelance writer Arsenio Orteza reviews Crack My Bones, a new CD by The Shoes, a French duo comprised of producers/musicians Guillaume and Benalways. Orteza gives the catchy techno music a thumbs up but believes power pop fans should take offense because Guillaume and Benalways, “simply by adding a ‘The’ to their moniker have co-opted the name of one of the genre’s greatest bands. What’s next? The Big Star? The Cheap Trick? The The The?”

Singer-guitarist Jeff Murphy from the original Shoes has also weighed in via a recent press release. After discussing his band’s work on a new CD, Murphy stated, “In the meantime, our name has been usurped by a group from France calling themselves The Shoes! It’s turning into a precedent-setting battle. After 35 years as Shoes, whodathunkit? We refuse to be bullied.”

Murphy elaborated on his own upcoming activities, as well as the band’s, in a recent email. “We’re well over a dozen new songs into the project,” he said regarding the recording of the next Shoes effort, “and not quite sure where or when we’ll stop!”

Murphy will be on stage this Saturday night at Lincoln Hall in Chicago as part of a Material Re-Issue gig titled A Night Of Music, Video And Stories. Original Material Issue members bassist Ted Ansani and drummer Mike Zelenko will once again be joined by singer/guitarist Phil Angotti. Murphy served as producer and engineer for The Ish’s first two releases, International Pop Overthrow and Destination Universe, and predicts he’ll perform a song from each on Saturday. “I’ll also be sharing some [original Material Issue lead vocalist] Jim Ellison remembrances and stories of working with the band.”

The evening will include other special guests, as well as a video presentation. The four-woman hard rock band Rockit Girl will be the opening act. The show starts at 9:00 PM. In other Shoes-related news, Boys Don’t Lie: A History Of Shoes by Power Pop blog contributor Mary E. Donnelly, is now available on PurePopPress.

Special thanks to Valley Downs bassist-vocalist Mike Galassini for his help with this post.

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