Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Crush - Future Blimps

Future Blimps, the latest release from coed Seattle-based trio The Crush, brings back fond memories of 1980s acts like The Go-Go’s, The Aquanettas, and Let’s Active. Like them, The Crush excels at creating fun arrangements that tap into power pop and 1960s garage rock. Comprised of vocalist-bassist Kira, guitarist Jacob, and drummer-guitarist Daniel, The Crush mostly offers upbeat love songs, while occasionally conceding that relationships can be challenging.

Kira’s bass playing pumps a party vibe to the summer romance  of “Never Gonna Stop,” while “It’s Love,” despite its simple title and lines like,”I’ll sing you a silly song and watch you smile away,” offers a more complex message backed by an elaborate arrangement. “Around” evokes The Go-Go’s with its layered vocals and breaks into a guitar-driven instrumental break. The catchy “Better And Better,” another tribute to the power of love, and “Nothing To Lose,” which sports Kira’s most playful vocal approach round out this impressive new EP.


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