Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Here, There And Everywhere

And now, an enthusiastic Broken Hearted Toy welcome to Sir Paul McCartney, who is performing at the United Center tonight. Ringo Starr also recently played the Chicago Theatre, and I can’t remember a time when two former Beatles passed through here within a few weeks of each other. As numerous critics have pointed out, McCartney continues to deliver the goods with amazing energy throughout his lengthy concerts. I’ve never seen him myself, but I did stand outside Wrigley Field when he did a show there a few years back. So I can say that at least I’ve heard a Beatle in person.

Even Chicagoans who don’t have tickets to McCartney’s show at the United Center can still have some Fab Four related fun. That 50th Anniversary edition of A Hard Days Night, with the 4K restoration and 5.1 surround mix, is currently in a limited run at the Music Box Theatre. Laura Emerick in the Sun-Times and Randy Lewis in the Tribune recently wrote informative pieces on this latest version of the iconic film. A Hard Days Night will be shown at the Music Box today at 5:15 PM, and tomorrow at 5:15 and 7:30 PM. For those who prefer to joyously scream at Paul and the other Beatles in the privacy of their own homes, Criterion Collection released the newly restored A Hard Day’s Night on June 24th.

But wait, there’s more. Genesis Publications, a UK-based publisher that specializes in expensive but very cool books, has released the limited edition Golden Dreams - The Making Of A Hard Day’s Night. Created by Beatles confidante Astrid Kirchherr along with Max Scheler, it’s hardbound, printed on archival art paper, and signed by both authors. Golden Dreams features previously unpublished photos taken during the filming of A Hard Day’s Night. It can be ordered from the Genesis Publications website for £185.00. 


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