Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Coleman Gota - And The Losers Choir Sings

Multi-instrumentalist and former member of the band Insanity Wave Colman Gota released his latest effort And The Losers Choir Sings a few months back. Recorded in America, it finds the Madrid native taking the same off-kilter approach to lyrics he did on his 2016 Tape and the 2017 Fear The Summer albums. Gota’s knack for mixing catchy arrangements with acerbic observations on life and relationships evokes Elvis Costello and Graham Parker.

“Do You Really Want To Know?” deals with the awkward situation of running into someone you haven’t seen for years, and wondering if they really care how your life is going. On the guitar-driven “Victim Of Society,” Gota confesses, “Mostly, I feel like a beer that’s gone flat,” and he wonders if his boyhood scam of getting whatever he wanted by crying could still work on the more elaborate “No After No.” “Time To Waste” sets the common frustration of not achieving major goals to one of the album’s harder rock arrangements.

On the tale of lost romance “Lonely Tonight,” Gota combines power pop with a 1960s arrangement complete with female back-up vocals. The anti-social “Stop Me” has a similar breezy feel, even as Gota frets that trying to find love will only make him look foolish. He sounds happiest recalling the joys of rehearsing in “Practice Room,” an activity that would ultimately bring his charming music our way.

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