Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Decibels - Scene, Not Herd

Scene, Not Herd came out in 2017 but was only available in vinyl and digital formats until the Kool Kat Musik label recently released this CD version. It marks the welcome return of The Decibels, a power pop band that thrived in Sacramento, CA from 1993 to 2001. The band’s reunion resulted in 12 guitar-driven tracks that represent the more energetic side of the genre.

“It’s Not Me” demonstrates how well The Decibels set tales of troubled relationships to catchy arrangements. Having guitarist Joe Pach, bassist Brent Seavers, and drummer Brian Machado join lead singer-guitarist Dean Seavers in some spirited call-and-response vocals definitely helps. “Hey Emily” is a tale of a lonely woman living alone, and “I Need To Tell Her” depicts a guy who’s hopelessly inept at romance.

Unlike some power pop bands, The Decibels aren’t heavily influenced by 1960s pop, although there are traces of that era throughout Scene, Not Heard. “She Thinks Of Everything” incorporates chiming guitars reminiscent of The Byrds, and the slower “Misery” aims for an early ‘60s Top 40 sound. The harder-edger “All Of Your Lies” and “This Bad Dream” bristle with punk energy.

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