Monday, May 18, 2015

Feral Conservatives - The Feeling Noise Becomes

The Virginia-based Feral Conservatives have been recording their distinctive music in bits and pieces over the past three years, while also building a loyal following with live performances. Their most recent release, the cassette EP The Feeling Noise Becomes, showcases how accomplished Rashie Rosenfarb has become at incorporating her folk style vocals and mandolin playing into the cutting-edge arrangements she forges with drummer Matt Francis and bassist Dan Avant. The four tracks are also available for download on the group’s Bandcamp page.  

On Misfire,” aggressive rock instrumentation creeps in around Rosenfarb’s beautiful singing and picks up steam as the song progresses. That pristine vs. power tension is even more impressive on “Class Reunion,” which features some classic guitar feedback, intricately layered vocals and a strong melody. Feral Conservatives opt for a more straight-forward folk approach on “Lies” backed a steady drum beat, while the catchy “Last Legs” has an appealing hint of R.E.M.

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