Monday, February 23, 2015

The Rhemedies - “Leave Me Alone” / "You’ll Never See My Face Again”

The Rhemedies first caught my attention when they contributed one of the better songs on Capitalised: Tall Tales And Low Lives Of Edinburgh, a various artists collection put together by the Scottish indie label Dogs Got A Bone. In my November 12, 2013 review of that compilation, I noted that “Jiggery Pokery” gave Capitalised a welcome shot of glam/garage rock. Turns out, Dogs Got A Bone took a special liking to The Rhemedies as well, and has released the Edinburgh club band’s debut single.  

Comprised of vocalist-guitarist Calum MacGregor, guitarist vocalist Dave Hogg, bassist Steve Andrews, and drummer Andy Campbell, The Rhemedies once again offer a guitar-driven genre mashup. Led by MacGregor’s evocative vocals, “Leave Me Alone” blends garage rock with the more modern sound of Oasis and Mighty Lemon Drops in the harrowing tale of a guy confronted with an obsessive new girlfriend. Although it’s somewhat disappointing to find that “You’ll Never See My Face Again” isn’t a cover of the Bee Gees song from Odessa, the catchy track succeeds with fun backup vocals and a hard-hitting, multi-faced arrangement.

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