Monday, August 11, 2014

The Legal Matters

The Legal Matters hail from Detroit, and two of their members, Chris Richards and Keith Klingensmith, performed together for 19 years in The Phenomenal Cats. When Andy Reed recently came on board a decision was made to forge a new identity. All three members sing, and their harmonies make an immediate impact on The Legal Matters’ self-titled debut. 

The easy-going “Have You Changed Your Mind” and “Outer Space” evoke 1970s acts like The Eagles or England Dan and John Ford Coley, while “Mary Anne” and “So Long Sunny Days” have a more delicate beauty. Those who like their power pop with more octane will embrace “Rite Of Spring,” which serves as a soaring tribute to true love. “The Legend Of Walter Wright,” a clever portrait of a man detached from those around him, and “Before We Get It Right” offer catchy fun in a definite Beatles vein.

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