Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lannie Flowers - Live In NYC

Back in November of 2012, Texas-based singer-guitarist Lannie Flowers and his band traveled to the Trash Bar in Brooklyn about a month after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. With people in the area still putting their lives back together, attendance at the Flowers gig was understandably sparse. But the small audience was treated to an energetic performance of material from Flowers’ two most recent albums—Circles and New Songs Old Stories. Now the rest of the world can share in that experience with the recently released Live In NYC.

“I Didn’t Know,” “Come On Girl,” and “Another Weekend” are just three examples of Flowers’ expertise in the power pop genre. And since the other four band members also sing, the possibilities for inventive harmonies are limitless. Guitarist-vocalist Rodney Bollinger augments the melodic “Where Does Love Go” with his slide guitar playing, while the twangy guitars on “Think It Over” make it reminiscent of Chris Isaak’s “The Lonely Ones.” The show’s finale was “Turn Up Your Radio,” a song from Circles that should have been a hit single, and Lannie Flowers also offered a faithful rendition of Big Star’s “Back Of A Car.”

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