Monday, April 14, 2014

IPO - Chicago: Tuesday Night Preview

First, a few items before moving on to a preview of tomorrow night’s lineup at International Pop Overthrow - Chicago. The annual music festival run through this Saturday at The Red Line Tap.

CHIRP Radio, fresh from its massive Record Fair this past Saturday, is bringing the Live Lit and Music series back to Martyrs this coming Wednesday, April 16th. The First Time: First Move will involve seven local celebrities spinning tales of an important first (first kiss, first car, etc), with each story followed by a song performed live by The First Time Three. The band is comprised of Steve Frisbie, Liam Davis, and Gerald Dowd, and can reportedly can cover anything from Wu Tang Clan to Sinead OConner to Hank Williams. The First Time: First Move is a benefit to help CHIRP Radio, and will be hosted by the station’s DJ Jenn Sodini.

Jeff Kelley wrapped up the latest season of  Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff  about a month ago, and he’s already planning bits for when his weekly Internet series comes back in the Fall. In the meantime, hes serving up fresh Coffee via podcasts. The first two episodes, available on iTunes, show Kelley is already comfortable with the new format as he delivers an entertaining blend of commentary, music, and skits. I’ve contributed several bits to the Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff Internet show over the years and I’m looking forward to getting involved with that again, as well as the CWJ podcasts.  

And now, here’s the IPO - Chicago schedule for Tuesday, April 15th.

8:00 Dylan Sires and Neighbors:  This Waterloo, IA trio has been racking up positive press for the way it crafts original power pop music from 1960s influences, along with a touch of neo-1950s artists like Chris Isaak.

8:45 Secret Colours: This is one of Chicago’s better-known practitioners of psychedelic rock, with a name that reflects strong British pop influences. The quartet plans to release two EPs this year, and will be promoting the first, the six-song Positive Distractions Part 1 at its IPO gig. The songs range from the guitar-driven “City Slicker” to the mostly acoustic and chilling “Monster.”

9:30 Common Shiner:  This indie rock quartet released Before They Sold Out: Part 2, an appealing digital album in 2013. The songs combine strong melodies and the intricate harmony vocals of guitarist Morgan Foster and keyboards player Michael James Brooks. 

10:15 Collectors Vocalist-rhythm guitarist heads this band that mixes indie rock and power pop, with a dash of punk as well. Influences include Badfinger, R.E.M., Cheap Trick, and The Buzzcocks. According to a recent post on the Collectors’ Facebook page, tomorrow’s show will feature “the classic 2004–2006 classic lineup” of Mazza, lead guitarist Andy Noonan, Bassist Joe DeBord, keyboards player Rob Oliver, and drummer Eric “Big Red” Prester.

11:00 Ariada Deriving its name from vocalist-keyboards player Lesleigh Arratia, this band mixes a variety of styles. “Blue & White Dress,” the most-played song on Ariada’s website, has an exotic sound that’s almost classical. The band released a self-titled EP last summer.

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