Thursday, September 5, 2013

CD Review: Dot Dash - Half-Remembered Dream

Fans of 1980s cutting edge rock would do well to check out this third effort from Dot Dash. The Washington, D.C. band continues to channel Wire Train and The Church via shimmering guitars and the evocative vocals of singer-guitarist Terry Banks. The intriguing lyrics aren’t always easy to interpret, but there’s a running theme of lost opportunities on Half-Remembered Dream.

The high-speed “Here’s To The Ghosts Of The Past” takes an acerbic swipe at nostalgia, and there’s a sense of urgency behind the images of falling and feeling lost on “11th Hour.” “Hands Of Time,” which sports one of the most gorgeous melodies this group has ever created, has Banks singing, “What’s gone is gone and what’s done is done.” The harder hitting songs, like “Bloom/Decay” and “A Light In The Distance” are fueled by Danny Ingram’s drumming and hark back to the more punk approach Dot Dash took on its full-length debut, Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash.

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