Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CD Single Review: The JAC - “Record Store”

First, a note for David Bowie fans in the Chicago area. Sons Of The Silent Age, a band comprised of veteran musicians Chris Connelly, Matt Walker, Steve Gerlach, Robert Byrne, Rich Parenti, Claire Masey, Carolyn Engelmann, and Alan Berliant, will be playing Bowie’s music this Thursday night at Mayne Stage. The show starts at 8:00 PM.

Australian musician and studio wizard Joe Algeri, recording as The JAC, crafts an energetic tribute to a dying breed of retail outlets with his new CD single, “Record Store.” Taken from the soon-to-be-released album, Whether I’m Arthur Or Martha, this would would make a great theme song for Record Store Day. Algeri’s clever lyrics capture the joy of searching bins for vinyl rarities and discovering new bands on the overhead sound system. He also throws in a tale of unrequited love.

“When I walk in I always feel so fine,” Algeri notes, and his visit improves even more when he confers with an attractive employee about bands like Big Star. “I’ve got my Motorhead t-shirt on/Even though I only like three songs,” Algeri sings, adding another band reference. The arrangement is more pure power pop than Algeri’s previous efforts as The JAC, or his work with bassist-vocalist Herb Eimerman and guitarist-vocalist Magnus Karlsson in the 1960s-inspired The Britannicas. Eimerman helps out on “Record Store,” along with musicians Stefan Johansson, Phil Barry, and Jason Cleary. 

“Record Store” ends with a double disappointment for the enamored customer when he arrives to find his favorite clerk has left and the store is having a going out of business sale. Sad, but all too true these days. The CD single comes with three bonus tracks, including The JAC’s interpretation of how “Heart Of Gold” would have sounded if Neil Young had recorded it for his later, more techno-oriented release, Trans.

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