Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

The Hollies plant a kiss on a real-life Jennifer Eccles.

Today’s post is dedicated to my lovely wife Pam, who created this blog site, and continues to love and support me. Also, best Valentine’s Day wishes to all those who visit this blog.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate affection in all its various forms: Your significant other, family and extended family, pet(s), the people who “get” and appreciate you, the ones you admire, those who’ve inspired and/or mentored you, and all the ones you’ve haven’t even come across yet but will make your journey more enjoyable down the road.

A few suggestions for Valentine’s Day songs:

The dB’s - “Love Is For Lovers” Set to an irresistible melody, band member Peter Holsapple’s song comes across as a jubilant tale of a guy who finds himself in a relationship for the first time. “Do you believe that real love is right now?” Holsapple asks. “Could we be having the time of our lives now?” He wonders, “Can you conceive of anything better?”

The Hollies - “Wings” A romantic ballad that mixes nature, magic, and a touch of defiance. The lyrics, set to a delicately beautiful arrangement, celebrate the uplifting power of love, and ask, “Why do they want us to walk when we can fly?”

Over The Rhine - “Rhapsodie” One of several intriguing tracks on Patience, the 1992 major label debut from the Cincinnati-based alt rock/Americana band, Over The Rhine. Written by singer-acoustic guitarist Karin Bergquist, its exquisite piano and strings arrangement, plus the line, “And I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now” might make this seem like a perfect choice for a first dance at a wedding. But Bergquist was singing about something deeper and more challenging; a love that endures hardships, and the way people in a relationship change over the years. A love that continues even after a couple has broken apart.

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