Thursday, February 28, 2013

CD Review: Andy Stone - This Giant Awoke

Listening to singer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Stone breeze through his latest release, This Giant Awoke, it’s tempting to assume this stuff just comes easily to him. Still, it must have taken some preparation to craft the indelible melodies, clever rhymes, and gorgeous layered vocals he brings to these 10 tracks. A published novelist, Stone also shows a willingness to delve into emotional situations outside the realm of standard love songs.

“The Couple Sitting Next To Me” is set in a restaurant where he's seated uncomfortably close to a man and woman who’ve reached a crisis in their relationship. Stone cleverly compares aspects of their argument to hors d’oeuvres and entrees. “I Am The Adopted Kid” has such a fun arrangement it initially seems like it's going to be spooky, similar to Nightmare Before Christmas, but develops into a thought-provoking study of a boy trying to comprehend how his birth parents could have abandoned him. Other songs, like “Understanding Me” and “This Is It” almost have a Broadway feel.

“Welcome To Your Love” and “Another Rainy Day” might be too light and peppy for some cutting-edge rock fans, but Stone also serves up the ringing power pop of “Topsy-Turvy.” “Witnessing My Reveal is a guitar-driven song about sharing your deepest secrets with a loved one, and the 1980s flavor of the title track adds even more variety to this entertaining effort.

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