Friday, August 27, 2010

Slumgullion # 30

At least two people like this album.

Long Live Garage Rock. I’m having a Rock & Roll Garage Sale this weekend, specifically timed to align with the Downtown Palatine Street Fest, which is taking place about a block away from my house. I’m selling CDs, vinyl, publications, and cassettes. I placed an ad in the local paper, listed my event on CraigsList, and posted signs around the neighborhood. Business was sporadic today, but I made enough to cover the ad, with a little left over. Whatever I make tomorrow will add to my profit margin.

After hustling to get all my merchandise outside for the 8AM grand opening, I sat alone for over an hour before anyone stopped by. Having the sale felt a bit like entertaining guests, as I talked with people about various bands, past work experiences, and various other topics. One young woman asked if I had any Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd stuff. I said I had Pink Floyd stuff inside, but it wasn’t for sale. She explained that she needed to find two more albums and then she would have everything Pink Floyd put out on vinyl. When I mentioned I had a friend who was the biggest Pink Floyd fan in the world, she just laughed and said, “Wanna bet?” Hopefully, there will be more conversations and sales tomorrow. So far, the Street Fest doesn’t seem to be helping sales, though.

Hollus Happenings. Hollus might be rocking out at the Martyrs’ club as you’re reading this. The Chicago-based band is part of a four-act Booze Rock showcase tonight that also includes The Dirty Rooks, The Delta Routine, and Thunderbird Kingsley. The music starts at 9PM. Hollus will be following up on its impressive Joker And The Queen CD by releasing a pair of EPs. Part One drops in November, with a TBA release show planned for late October.

Can’t Stop The World. After selling out the first installment of her first Lady Robitika comic book, Jane Wieldlin now has a second one on the way, titled, Of G Strings and Galaxies. Her Facebook page says it should be available at your local comic store.

They Say It’s His Birthday. Black Forest will be hosting a tribute to John Lennon to celebrate what would have been his 70th birthday, and is seeking performers to play his music. The songs can be from Lennon’s solo repertoire, or his earlier work with The Beatles. The show will be held from 8:00 to 10:30PM on October 9th at the Black Forest space at 512 Kedzie in Evanston. Contact James Moeller at for information.

Beatles By The Books. The Niles Public Library has an entire month of Beatles related fun on tap, including screenings of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on September 18th, and A Hard Day’s Night on September 21st. There will be a Beatles Rock Band Tournament on September 19th, and on September 22nd, photographer Jorie Gracen will discuss her experiences with Paul McCartney. Walter Podrazik, who was recently on hand at the Fest For Beatles Fans in Rosemont, will host a Beatles Trivia Challenge on September 26th, and The Threetles, a trio comprised of musicians Eric Howell, Michael Mahler, and Frank Canino, will celebrate John Lennon’s birthday on October 9th with a live performance. WXRT DJ Terri Hemmert will serve as MC for an Invitation Only Beatles Art Show and Closing Ceremony on October 15th. All of the artists who submit displayed artwork will be eligible to attend, and there will also be a drawing for anyone who comes to the library to vote for a special People’s Choice award.


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