Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Listen To The Music

Mr. Dw. Dunphy
The Co-Op Communique - Volume One compilation from Introverse Media features recording artists who might otherwise have trouble grabbing some time in the spotlight. Produced in association with Down The Line magazine, it’s a genre-hopping collection of 18 tracks. Co-Op founder Dw. Dunphy, whose gritty rock song “Cut You Loose” is included on the album, hopes to establish a more direct route between musicians and the general public.

“It’s hard to get heard out there,” he explained in a handwritten note on the press release, and most people who follow the current music scene would probably agree. Future Co-Op Communique releases will arrive on a quarterly basis, and if the first one is any indication, this series will be a viable way to discover new music. Highlights on Volume One include “13” and “Mirror” from the spacey alt-rock outfit Dead Artist Syndrome; the catchy “Don’t Stare At The Sun” from The b-attitudes, the jangling pop of “Glad” from The Click Beetles, and the shuffling 1970s style rock of Eddie Parrino’s “Free My Mind.”

All of the songs are taken from albums or EPs recorded by the artists. The Co-Op Communique - Volume One is available on CDBaby and Bandcamp, although the Bandcamp link didn’t seem to be working when I tried it.

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