Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Step Right Up

It's encouraging to see positive comments already showing up in response to a Facebook post I did earlier today about the Rock And Roll Memorabilia Yard Sale I'm having this Saturday, September 26th. The hours are 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and my address is 35 E. Slade in Palatine. Everything will be marked at $1 or less. I've searched through boxes, shelves, and cabinets throughout our house and come up with several items that I'm going to sell. Some of them reluctantly, particularly at that price. But I've collected so many things, and a lot of them have been packed away for years. It was time to decide which ones I really treasure and which ones might be better appreciated by other collectors.

As far as I know, nothing at the Yard Sale will be amazingly valuable, although you never how much someone would be willing to pay for stuff on eBay, or at conventions like Fest For Beatles Fans or the CHIRP Record Fair And Other Delights. When it comes to vinyl (I'll have LPs and 45s), some aficionados are only interested in mint-condition grooves. Most of my vinyl is in pretty good shape, and the artists tend toward classic rock, new wave, 1960s, and power pop. Nothing from the current Top 40.

I'll also have cassettes, books, trading cards, magazines, and buttons. The magazines include vintage issues of Rolling Stone and Mojo, and one each from Spin, Circus, The Story Of Pop, The Face, Crawdaddy, and Creem. I have rock publications from around the country and a few from Europe. The best deals might be on the books since they all cost me quite a bit more than a dollar. Most are a rock history type of thing, but there are a few novels and biographies.

The CDs are a mix of well-known acts like U2, The Byrds, and Big Star, along with lesser-known and local acts, plus one-time only releases that came attached to a magazine.  The magazine CDs are mostly tribute compilations to a particular act or iconic album. There are also some oldies compilations. I have a few cassettes of my own, along with a bounty that was recently given to me by an acquaintance. The cassettes include Heart, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Rickie Lee Jones. 

I'm also going to have promotional items like festival programs, handbills, and mailers. I seriously considered simply giving them away to whoever wanted one, but that might raise the issue of why some things at the Yard Sale cost money and others don't. So all the paper souvenirs that I got for free will be offered for a quarter apiece. Think of it as a service charge. Even if nobody buys any, I think people will have fun checking them out since some are from decades ago. In addition to all the pop culture for sale, I might sneak a few standard garage sale things out just in case some non-rock and roll bargain hunters stop by.

By the way, if you come out to Palatine for the Rock And Roll Memorabilia Yard Sale, you might want to drop by the Craft Beer And Bacon Festival 2015 that's being held at Tap House Grill just down the street from me. In addition to food and over 100 craft beers, there is also going to be live music.

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