Thursday, September 3, 2015

Herb Eimerman - Five Dimensional Man

Herb Eimerman, who has been the American one third of the international power pop/neo-1960s trio The Britannicas for some years now, plays just about all the instruments and does all the vocals on his recently released EP Five Dimensional Man. It might seem like he's copying his fellow Britannicas member Joe Algeri's one-man band side project The JAC, but Eimerman has recorded a number of solo efforts in the past. He also joined forces with Jeff Murphy from Shoes for The Nerk Twins.

Eimerman continues to place a strong emphasis on catchy melodies on Five Dimensional Man, but he also underscores the EP's title by venturing beyond his Byrds-Beatles comfort zone. The acoustic-based "Believe That I Do" is a spiritual meditation set to an appealing, light arrangement, and "Something" is a well-crafted love song. "Sentimental In Berlin," which features Algeri on keyboards, slides through numerous tempo changes. "Just Wishful Thinking" finds Eimerman succeeding with a more hard-edged approach that showcases his guitar prowess along with a defiant attitude. "Live To Tell" is more familiar territory for him, as he delivers a fun mix of layered vocals and jangling guitars.

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