Friday, August 17, 2012

Steal This Schedule

Poster created by Pat Über-Critic McDonald for Famous In The Future.

The 2012 Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins XXIV festival moves into its second day tomorrow, at the Mary-Arrchie Theatre. The Air and Water Show is also going on this weekend, making it possible to mix cutting edge performances with the roar of jets zipping by directly overhead. The Mary Arrchie Theatre is at the corner of Sheridan Road and Broadway. There are restaurants nearby, and a liquor store just below the theatre.
Here’s the schedule for Saturday, August 18:

9:00 AM The Opening and Reading Habits of the Drowned Novelist by Bilal Dardai - Paperback Theatre Project

10:00 AM Tai Chi Master Daniel Guidara Guidara is a patient and knowledgeable instructor. An interesting and relaxing way to kick off Day 2 of The Abbie Fest.

11:00 AM Handwriting by Tim Venable - Nighthawks At The Diner

11:40 AM Broad Shoulders

12:30 AM A Family Affair

1:20 PM Honor by Allison Bodnar Jaros - The Disrespectful Ensemble

2:15 PM Violent Dissonance by Gregory Peters - Ludamus

2:30 PM Three Scary Tales by David Storms Denman - Clock Productions

3:00 PM Flesh Of God by John Lisbon Wood - Artistic Partners

4:00 PM Dear Abbie or Don’t Steal This Script directed by Barbara Beach and Conceived  by Michael Wexler - Michael Wexler

4:30 PM L’il Howlin’ Wolf  Another short burst of ribald blues songs from the veteran performer.

5:00 PM War Rocks! by Brooke Johnson and Dana Marvette - Dandelion Arts

5:25 PM Otherwise Harmless by R.J. Tsarov - Citizens’ Relief Veterans of the Abbie Fest, this duo always exudes wit and imagination, whether it’s an original production or an adaptation. They can be a bit disturbing at times, but have a funny, deadpan approach.

6:25 PM  Joshua Hanson

6:40 PM Series Finale by Abraham Werewolf - Abraham Werewolf

6:55 PM The Dogster Raves On! By James Moeller and Carla Hayden - Black Forest Hayden and Moeller are longtime participants in The Abbie Fest and their avant garde, amiable productions are thought-provoking and fun. Live music often plays a role, as Hayden and Moeller are also members of the WhiteWolfSonicPrincess alt rock band.

7:35 PM Impending Desperation - Famous in the Future My former comedy group is back for its 24th year at The Abbie Fest, although at this point Frank Carr is the only original member left. Other cast members, Desiree Burcum, Michael Hora, and Tina Teske are also Abbie veterans. Journalist-performer Pat Über-Critic McDonald, who has worked with Black Forest and performs with James Moeller in The Telepaths, will be joining the cast this year. Carr and Burcum wrote this year’s batch of original skits and songs. 

8:30 PM  Lola Bolatro - Lola Bolatro Three bad-ass looking musicians set funny lyrics to acoustic guitar arrangements. At least that’s what they were doing in 2009 when I reviewed their self-titled CD for the Illinois Entertainer. Back then I wrote, “Occasionally the humor aims too low, but for the most part, Lola Balatro serves up a good time."

9:30 PM A Family United by Sam Quinn - The Smell Of Fame

10:30 PM The Best of Democracy Burlesque - Democracy Burlesque Politically-charged skits and song parodies from a group that has been playing at Abbie Fests since forming in 2006.

11:00 PM Culture Shock by Hannah Ii - Epstein-Nothing Without a Company

11:45 PM The Mystery of Pink Floyd by Mike Beyer - Factory Theater Emeritus

12:25 AM The Inconvenience Presents - The Inconvenience

12:55 AM AMERICAN STAG SESSIONS_HISTORY OF WORLD DRAMA PART 1,001: Secret Agent Space Reptile Genocide; Inmongst The Hight Cathanctum Of The Monstabulary Of The Coremost Of The Underground Hive-Warren Of The Dutifaithful Of The Churchligion Of The Omnigulent Zarog; and Pathetic! No More: A Closer Look At The Work of O. Glennard Shiffley by The Plagiarists - The Plagiarists Always a popular group at the Abbie Fest, The Plagiarists couch outrageous comedy and rapid fire word play within a sophisticated setting similar to a PBS special. The results are hilarious and definitely worth staying late to see.

1:40 AM Anonymously Yours by the Anonymous users of the internet edited by Jennifer Olson-Jennifer Olson

2:40 AM Unnamed by Will, Fred, and Evan - Will, Fred, and Evan

3:00 AM. The Dress by Daniel Vuillaume - Nothing Special Productions

3:20 AM Bitch With Rich - Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co. Rich Cotovsky’s Skid Marks character engages the audience (and there usually is one even at this hour) in discussions of current topics. On the times I’ve seen this in the past, the show involved TV monitors, other effects, and Marks playing guitar.

4:20 AM All The Smart Choices by Jeff Newman - Rum And Coke

5:05 AM.

6:00 AM Dead People’s Things by Nick Patrie - Trained Monkey Productions

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